Title Examiner

FL - Altamonte Springs
Valid Through: 12/21/2021

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Job Description: A Title Examiner is a legal support professional who assists lawyers with many duties, including researching real estate records and examining property titles. Daily tasks of Title Examiners may vary based on the needs of the employer, but responsibilities will generally include researching the specific details of a title, keeping records of information gathered about titles, reporting research findings to attorneys and other legal professionals as needed and determining the legal barriers that exist in the sale of a property. Title Examining is a career that requires attention to detail, research and analytical abilities, basic familiarity with property law and knowledge of terminology and other technical aspects relating to property titles. Like many other legal support professions, certain qualities, such as the ability to keep confidentiality, work independently and remain accurate under pressure are very important. Requires 4 - 6 years in a related field.

Required Education: Title Examiner
For legal professionals, accuracy and clarity in communication and research are essential to the proper execution of work, and potential Title Examiners need to read documents, write reports and perform research of a certain complexity in order to properly perform their tasks. A high school education alone may not be sufficient preparation for this work

Required Skills:
It is important for Title Examiners to be able to work independently, to see a research project through to completion and to be able to report the findings of their research accurately and clearly. The ability to analyze information is important for many legal support professionals, including Title Examiners, as is the ability to tolerate pressure. Title Examiners also need to be able to work extensively with computers, performing somewhat routine, protocol-based work while sitting at a desk.
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